Jamaica: Coastal Sands
Population: 2.3 Million
Major Cities:
Kingston & Montego Bay
Time Zone: EST
Time to Miami: 1 hr 15 mins
Time to New York: 3 hr 45 mins

Nearshore Advantage

The country is in the eastern time zone during the winter, and central time zone during the summer.

The proximity to the United States means that the people here are highly attuned to US culture: American TV shows, commercials, and products all resonate with Jamaicans.

In the last 10 years, the ICT outsourcing sector has grown to 15,000 workers, and is the fastest growing employment sector in the country. The government recognizes it as the best source for economic growth on the island, and has taken numerous steps to encourage investment. Two redundant fiber networks have been laid around the island with a connection to Miami. Companies in the industry enjoy “free zone” status; with tax and duty exemptions.

Jamaica is quickly emerging as the preferred destination for near-shore outsourcing. As a former British colony, Jamaica’s native language is English. The British school system is still in place, and the country graduates 50,000 high-school students every year.

Jamaica is legendary for its hospitality, with more than 1 million tourists visiting the island every year. The culture of customer service and a genuine desire to delight guests pervades the population and is something that we look for in every employee. The island is just over an hour’s flight from Miami and four hours from New York, with multiple non-stop flights every day from each city.